Rochester Boat Co. LLC

410 State Road 25 North​  -  Rochester, IN 46975

Our Services

​​Boats & PWC​​​​s
Cleaning & Detailing
Boat Refueling

​Indoor/Outdoor Storage

​Shrink Wrapping

Prop Rebuilds

Lake Delivery/Removal


New and Used Lift Sales

Lift Installation/Removal

Lift Repair/Maintenance

Lift Storage


New Pier Sales

Pier Design/Layout

Pier Installation/Removal

Pier Accessories

​Custom Welding/Fabrication​​​​

Pier Accessory Installation

​Pier Storage

 Phone (574)223-2675

Rochester Boat Company, LLC.

410  North State Road 25

Rochester,  IN 46975

PH: 574/223-2675


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 RBC offers a variety of watercraft, pier, and lift services to Lake Manitou, Lake Winona, and many of our other neighboring lake communities.  We have both the professional staff and specialized equipment required to complete sales, setup, installation, service/maintenance, and removal  of your lift and pier. We are authorized ShoreStation and Hewitt lift dealers/warranty service providers.

Watercraft Repair and Maintenance Services

Complete a diagnostic testing with our Stats Marine Computer. 

Custom welding and fabrication services

Winterization against frigid seasonal temperatures

Maintenance, Repairs and Tune-Ups

Time Saving and Seasonal Services

We can detail, fuel, and deliver your boat so its ready and waiting for you!

Install your lift and lift canopy when you are ready to enjoy the water.​​

Transport and install your watercraft in and out of the water.

Removal of your lift and removal & power washing of lift canopy

Storing or shrink wrapping your watercraft for protection against  brutal winter weather.

Removing and storing your pier


We hope you never require storm recovery service for your lift/boat, but if you do; RBC can help. Our variety of work boats, trailers, vehicles, and recovery experience, will provide the quality storm recovery service you need when mother nature or bad luck strikes.


Rochester Boat Company, LLC  (RBC) is a commercially marine insured lake service company that takes pride in safely caring for our customers/equipment during all service endeavors.