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Rochester,  IN 46975

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Hydraulic Lifts

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Excellent quality lift that has great value. Available in 1200# - 4,000# capacity. Optional AC or DC cranking motor can be added anytime.  Top limit brake and wheel lock assure safe, trouble free operation.

Proven vertical lift design with FlexPower Reliability & Speed. Available in 1500# - 7,000# capacity. Electric drive is faster and efficient than the Manual option. Raise & Lower your boat with the push of a button. Comes standard with two wireless remotes Back-wind sensor and upper limit switch protect the lift from damage. Optional solar power battery recharging equipment available to add at time of purchase or down the road.

​Manual Full Size & PWC Lifts

Rochester Boat Co. LLC

410 State Road 25 North​  -  Rochester, IN 46975

Electric (EDS) Lifts

 Phone (574)223-2675

When speed and raw lifting power is needed the Hydraulic lift will supersede your expectations. Available in 4000# - 15,000# capacity. Get on and off the water in less than 1 minute. Designed for Convenience with 2 wireless remotes, auto up, easy boat entry, and minimal maintenance. Keeping safety in mind with the adjustable top limit switch, inability to back-wind cables and lack of winches.

Lift Accessories

Boat Supports                              Boat Guides

Boat Glide Rails                             Bow Stops

Solar Power Source         Lift Canopy Frames

Lift Canopies                           Power Curtains

​Remote Access                      Canopy Lighting

                           Side Safety Steps